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Team Coaching to Crew Members & Office Staff Online or On-site:


Supported by recognized certifications, we deliver virtual or classroom training and personalized learning experience that can benefit members of the same crew and every person in the office — regardless of title or position, department or function — in building more productive and effective relationships at work, in order to better meet passenger expectations.

This program takes place over several sessions via Zoom or equivalent at a rate of once a week or twice a month. In this way, wherever the participants are, they have the opportunity to meet during the sessions, and there are no transport costs.


With personalized insights and actionable strategies, participants learn how to adapt to the style of others, ultimately improving engagement, collaboration, and the overall quality of the organization:

  • Online assessment to integrate & communicate better, understand better themselves and others to interact more effectively

  • Any two participants can explore their similarities and differences, potential challenges in working together, and practical tips for improving their working relationship

  • The profile comes to life in several workshops experience that engages and educates the people involved. First of all, it enables participants to understand their own personal way of working, that of their colleagues, and how to manage their interaction. The next step may be to work on the emotional intelligence that each person has been able to develop as a team or to move on to team coherence based on the 5 major behaviors of trust, conflict, commitment, responsibility, and results.


The length of the program is fitted according to the needs pre-defined with the client. It normally lasts over a period of 10-15 sessions of 1.5 hours on 2–10 months.

It can be continued in individual or team coaching, still on-site or online, to accompany the identified change and that the participants will be ready to undertake.


  • Improving the functioning, organization, and dynamics of the crew/team 

  • Sharing a common vision, values, and goals

  • Clarification of the roles, responsibilities, and missions necessary to a fruitful collaboration.

  • Mitigating resistance to change and transforming it into an action plan

  • Development of cooperation within the crew/team

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