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Crew Cohesion Program:



  • Extending the benefits of the CRM course over time

  • Improving the functioning, organization, and dynamics of the crew 

  • Sharing a common vision, values, and goals

  • Clarification of the roles, responsibilities, and missions necessary to a fruitful collaboration

  • Mitigating resistance to change and transforming it into an action plan

  • Improved cooperation within the crew







All teams face challenges at various stages of their development when executing on tough challenges or targets. It therefore also concerns the crews from the same business jet, or jets belonging to the same owner, often flying on missions together for several days or even weeks to lead passengers where they want, serving them according to their needs whenever ensuring their safety on board. They stay always available waiting for the next possible flight, participating to its organization, ordering the catering, and taking care of the plane.

Crew members have to deal with each other, often far from their base and their families what may bring personal concerns. It is also human that habits set in, sometimes also misunderstandings and frustrations that can potentially affect the smooth running of the operation.

Also, the mandatory CRM course is only held once a year and not all crew members on the same aircraft are always present together. The advantage of this programme is to extend the benefit of CRM and to ensure more frequent meetings between colleagues for team development.







Supported by modern psychometric assessment tools, this Crew Cohesion Program takes place over several video sessions set once a week or twice a month. In this way, wherever the crew members are, they have the opportunity to meet during the sessions, without extra transport costs.

I also facilitate this full program onsite, as long as all the participants can also be present or that those who cannot participate through a video conferencing tool on a computer or a tablet. It is indeed essential that the program is followed by the entire crew at the same time. Some individual coaching is also possible.


The length of the program is fitted according to the needs pre-defined with the client. 


First and most important, this program allows participants to understand how they and their colleagues function and how best to manage the interaction. 

An integration phase on several months after the workshop is highly recommended.

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