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CRM Training :

Do you know that approximately 73% of accidents are caused by Human factors?

In the 1970s, a NASA workshop examining the role of human error in air crashes found that most crew errors were failures in leadership, team coordination, and decision-making.

Since then, new training has been developed for flight crews. It is known as crew resource management (CRM). 

CRM is the effective utilisation of all available resources (e.g. crew members, aircraft systems, supporting facilities and persons) to achieve safe and efficient operation.


Using CRM methods, airplane crews can avoid, manage, and mitigate human errors. It plays a fundamental and vital role in promoting efficiency and - above all else - safety in every facet of the aviation industry and any industry dealing with risks.


CRM training is therefore now also used in the medical industry, air traffic control, firefighting in particular. 


While they are inspired by aviation, CRM training is tailormade for each industry, and more precisely for each company, based upon the request and given data.



Using my 25 years of experience in business aviation, I deliver CRM training upon request. This training fits perfectly into the Crew & Team Cohesion program I have developed, as it is about human factors management.

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