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Do you also pay attention to Synchronicities in your Business?

One thing is sure, Covid, pushes us to surpass ourselves.

So yesterday morning I was very clear with my unconscious mind: I asked for signs that my training and coaching project for crew cohesion from the same business jet, was the right one.

Less than 4 hours later, I have already received 3 signs:

✅ A pilot, at the head of a fleet of private jets, told me about costs in time & money, linked to a non-optimal communication within a crew. Figures make you dizzy. 😱

✅ A VIP Flight Attendant with whom I am in contact for a possible future position on a jet, told me that when I plan to hire staff to manage @JetPearls in Geneva, I can count on her. She has a degree in engineering & another in change management, that would be just great. 🥇

✅ A friend coach who has an executive client in private aviation told him about my business. He asked her to share with me the presentation of his innovative project for business aviation that he is setting up.🎯

It is often enough to ask for synchronicities to confirm we are on the right path. Then they still need to be spotted.📌

And you, what synchronicities have you observed around your professional projects lately that have encouraged you to commit yourself even more?

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