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Elodie Fiaschi: The Chic Nomad

Updated: Apr 6, 2022

Version en Français sur mon blog dédié au développement personnel en cliquant ici.

Who are you?

A nomad! I'm French, originally from the south, living in Spain and Denmark, but mostly in my suitcase because I never stay at one place for very long! I am a corporate flight attendant, and I also like to travel privately. I have a blog and a YouTube channel with my husband, called "Suite Life". The concept is to blog about fashion, travel and luxury, and review the most beautiful hotels!

What can you share with us about your background?

I passed my CCA (Cabin Crew Attestation) quite late with the dream of one day flying a Falcon. I went to Paris and started to fly Boeing with Open Skies, then Airbus with Air Caraïbes. Then one day, I sent my application to Global Jet and a few weeks later, I was lucky to join the business aviation. My passion for fashion and for travelling and the access to beautiful hotels thanks to my job gave us the idea to create the blog.

What do people appreciate about you?

I would like to know that too! On a more serious note, I think that my professional and personal environment appreciate my calmness and consistency. I am rarely stressed and I like to live in harmony with people.

What have you found most challenging in your professional life?

Undeniably, the day I became a cabin manager after a year on the same aircraft and with the same crew. One of my biggest challenges was to establish myself as a leader among my colleagues. You have to work hard to gain credibility and authority.

What are you thrilled about the most in your life today?

Today, I am mostly excited about our projects with Suite Life, especially the organisation around our travels. Preparing the trip, the material, the script, the outfits for the video and the photos. Regularly, we enjoy doing fashion photo shoot as well to promote luxury brands on social medias. Obviously, Covid has been a major obstacle, but now we are slowly getting back on track.

Could you share a story on where you could motivate people to exploit their talents and go the extra mile?

We all have a talent that requires a little effort to be revealed. The satisfaction you will get from it will be far greater than the difficulties you had to go through! The only way for you to open new doors is to learn and grow. I always try to challenge myself and do a little bit extra, every vip flight is an exam, no auto-pilot there!

How are you different from 10 years ago?

Becoming cabin manager greatly developed my communication and organisation skills. Being a blogger has definitely made me more extrovert and self-confident.

How do you dream of the world of tomorrow, and how do you intend to contribute to it?

I’m dreaming about a world with more empathy, but also more thoughtful. There is so much aggressivity, especially on social networks, towards people who don't agree with you. Showing respect to others and opening up a healthy communication should be considered a basic rule.

What message would you give to the readers of this article?

I really don’t agree with the saying ’’everything good comes to those who wait’’. For you to get the most out of your life, you have to go out there and earn it. And remember to measure life in experiences - not materials.

Some of the questions you have answered may be part of a hypno-coaching session that I do as a master practitioner. What do you think of this?

I think it's very fascinating. Though we often feel like it, we are never really stuck - it’s only in our minds. Hypno-coaching is a help to both professional and personal success, and I hope you can fit me into your calendar sometime :-)

Interview by Sylvie Moisan, Hypnotherapist and Executive Coach.

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