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Have you also noticed positive Changes in Passenger Behavior?

Updated: Mar 21, 2021

In this current turmoil, I would like to share with you 3 feedbacks given to me by crew members, which I find very touching:

🌟 "I have noticed that there has been one interesting change of my passengers' behaviour over these last months - they have been more grateful and also express their gratitude more often when sending their feedback about the flight & service to the company. This has been really heartwarming & keeps me going even when times get hard sometimes." 🌟

🍀"At the end of 2020, to thank the crew for all their efforts during Covid (extended duties, complicated positioning, health risks), the owner awarded each crew member a bonus on their salary".

"I have to say I was in tears, because I felt noticed and not forgotten. And as a crew, team we were recognised for the work we did during these months of unknown and uncertainty."🍀

Even though some aircraft owners have had to make some very impactful decisions about their aircraft and their crews, there are signs that something good is about come out of all this hardship and difficult times.

And would you also have a testimony of hope to share?

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