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How can Jet Pearls help you as a Crew Member?

Updated: Mar 21, 2021

Are you ready for a new start, or looking for a new position? Are you employed by an airline or freelancing, looking for a better personal, professional or crew balance? This period is a time of great disruption and questioning for many, and also a chance to readjust everything in one's life. Through #JetPearls, I can help you get through this period and come out of it stronger. MAIN OFFER: ✅ Online assessment to explore the priorities that drive your behavior, learn what comes naturally and what might be challenging when interacting with others, & gain actionable strategies to strengthen your interpersonal interactions in the workplace or during job interviews #Coaching to identify how to progress through methods that put you in direct contact with your unconscious mind ✅ Mentoring through 20 years spent managing #privateaviation crews of up to 170 people MAIN BENEFITS: ✈️ Identifying your future professional self ✈️ Highlighting your assets ✈️ Improving your performance ✈️ Feeling more comfortable interacting with others ✈️ Determining the positions in line with your values & ambitions ✈️ Taking stock of your progress More details: #businessaviation #vipcabincrew #vipflightattendant #pilot #training

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