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Julien Rakotozafy: The Power of Resilience

Version en Français sur mon blog dédié au développement personnel en cliquant ici.

Who are you?

My name is Julien; I am 37 years old, with three children. Only girls, but I am lucky that my wife also has a boy who is part of the family 😉.

What can you share with us about your background?

I worked as a pilot in business aviation for almost 15 years, flying LET 410, BE 90, Citation Jet, Citation series, Falcon 50, Global Express. I enjoyed working in this business until… things changed with the pandemic and aviation came to a stop overnight.

What do people appreciate about you?

I can adapt myself to any social situation or community. I enjoy a laugh, and listening to everyone. Talk to me, you’ll see by yourself! 😉

What have you found most challenging in your professional life?

Well, I have had challenging situations in flight and on the ground. I always managed to get out from them as a team. Whether as a team or as a family, remember that you will go far together, not alone.

What are you thrilled about the most in your life today?

I spent 15 years doing the perfect job; the one I dreamed of as a child. This career helped me to evolve and taught me to make decisions. I ran two companies in France with 20 employees in the service industry. Everything is linked; being a pilot was a very useful learning experience for it. After being laid off by a private operator and being nobody for the French administration, I decided to get my Truck driving licences ASAP. This allowed me to obtain new social rights (social security among others), and above all, getting paid to do something! I was often asked why I had moved from the air to the road... It was complicated to have to justify my choices or the way I went. Sometimes it was not understandable to the people I was talking to.

I knew that truck driving would be a temporary job for me personally, but I loved doing it for almost a year.

As of today, after four intensive months of training, I became a General Insurance Agent specializing in Wealth management for AXA group in France.

This new career brings together elements from all the professions I have previously practiced. Moreover, I offer you a social and patrimonial audit FREE of charge in person or remotely on request. What are you waiting for? I am convinced that I can be helpful to you.

Could you share a story on where you could motivate people to exploit their talents and go the extra mile?

In my career as a pilot, I experienced being dismissed by the jet owner via WhatsApp... Then, an airline offered me a temporary mission as a pilot to bring a plane back to Europe (the aircraft was in China, and nobody was motivated to spend a quarantine there in complicated conditions). It was not an easy experience, but I learned a lot...

Never stop using your skills! I've been a pilot, but also a profiler, a sales agent, a truck driver, a factory worker, a CEO, and more.... Don't tell yourself you can't do it, "Just Do It"... like the famous brand's slogan!

Losing one's job is not easy, especially after a 'long' career, but everyone has their own skills and needs to take advantage of them. Most people I have met are afraid of change. But is it wise to wait to look for a new job? Or never do it? My choice has been made, and I feel happier than ever!

How are you different from 10 years ago?

Ten years ago, I was a young man and a young father. Today, I would say that the complicated experiences have helped me improve my skills as a father and professionally in my new life. I would not take any further risks to improve my career as a pilot as this is too precarious, especially in business aviation. Again, everyone has skills; use them to improve your life. Never doubt what you can do!

How do you dream of the world of tomorrow, and how do you intend to contribute to it?

I would love everyone to be happy when they wake up in the morning, smile at each other, work as if it were a passion, and go home to enjoy their families. A dream? Not at all, just a lifestyle. Remember: "Just Do It"

To contribute, it's very simple, contact me to help you take the step. 😉

What message would you give to the readers of this article?

I would say that everything is said above :-). Otherwise, if you have any questions, send me a private message, and I'll answer you!

Some of the questions you have answered may be part of a hypno-coaching session that I do as a master practitioner. What do you think of this?

Hypnosis is a good way of discovering your deepest beliefs which are sometimes unknown or limiting. Don't be afraid; it is only beneficial and can help you make good decisions.

Interview by Sylvie Moisan, Hypnotherapist and Executive Coach.

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