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The Journey to the Heart of our Values: How they are perceived by Customers

Updated: Mar 21, 2021

Here is one of the stories told by one of the participants in this coaching exercise, which took place over several weeks and aimed at highlighting the specific values of flight attendants in private aviation.

This person worked in the airline before making the transition to business aviation where he is excelling for many years now. As a recruiter, I couldn't do a mistake hiring him.

✨ You can read his passion to serve and his commitment which, when sincere as here, transforms the customer experience into an event that can leave a magnificent imprint on his life.

This is true in all areas where we provide service to others, regardless of the field of activity and function.✨

This is the story from this Flight Attendant:

"For me the most magical moment during my flying career was back in my days with Emirates. I was flying from Dubai to Paris. A woman, her baby and young boy were flying with us.

It’s always quite stressful for parents to travel with infants. We were trained to take extra care of families. On this flight, we took great care of the little boy meanwhile the mother was attending to her baby. It wasn’t a full flight so we had extra time to go the extra mile. Took the little boy to the cockpit, played hide and seek and took several Polaroid pictures. It was a service Emirates offered, we always had a polaroid camera and frames in which we would paste the pictures taken onboard to give to passengers as mementos. We took quite a few with him. I remember that flight because they were a very sweet family. We landed in Paris and said our farewells. […]

Months later, I was operating a flight from Jeddah to Dubai which was extremely busy for us. I was at the door during boarding. As a gentleman entered the plane, he paused and said “I know you!”. This was not unusual for us as many passengers would recognize or claim to know us “ My neighbor's cousin's friend is from France and worked for Emirates, is that you?” Even though there are hundreds of us within the company.

So I politely smiled and welcomed him back by his name which was marked on his boarding pass (FA trick).

But he didn’t move and continued “You flew my wife and our children from Dubai to Paris and on their return to Dubai my son pasted all the pictures you took with him around his bed. I recognize you from those pictures. You made his flight so magical.”

That was one of many magical moments I experienced as a flight attendant, making someone's day extra special :)"


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