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What about the Supervision of Business Jet Companies in Terms of Service?

Updated: Mar 22, 2021

After managing departments in #businessaviation, I can testify to the efforts we have shared to train the crew members to the highest level of VIP clients' requirements.

We have strived to keep everyone's skills up to date and we have developed renowned #training programs and databases.

💫What's happening now? The digital transformation & the era of social networks is changing the game. Everything is going very fast, information is flowing.💫

I recently did a survey in my group on LinkedIn, and to the questions:

📌What is your preferred source of information for preparing a quality catering order for the passengers?

73% of people answered "Chat Group", against 4% "Operator's database".

📌What is your favorite source of inspiration for your floral arrangements on board the aircraft?

55% answered "Pinterest, Instagram & cabin pictures on the web", against 10% "Training".

Undoubtedly times are changing, where operators may need to understand that today's learning process is more and more #digital, interactive and where people have become accustomed to communicating differently to stay motivated and always remain at the top of excellence in their jobs. 🎯

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