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Office Staff / Customer Interaction



  • Building customer trust whoever the interlocutor

  • Recognition of the customer's differences

  • Strategies to adapt approaches to customer needs

  • Improved cooperation within the support team







Aircraft owners, VIP passengers, and their relatives are regularly in contact with the operator or broker for the organization of flights, their follow-up, and for all matters related to the management of the aircraft.

Their request is simple: they need the person answering them to be fully aware of their concerns, preferences, habits, etc. In order to claim a VIP service, it is not up to them to adapt, and ideally, they would like to always deal with the same person. 

The dilemma for the operators or the brokers are: How to respond effectively to an exclusive clientele 24/7, while at the same time ensuring a rotation of employees that allows them the necessary rest time?

How to ensure that the support team members have an equivalent level of response and efficiency while working in a positive collaborative spirit?

It is precisely for improving the office staff and the customer's interaction that Jet Pearls has set up this program.






Supported by modern psychometric assessments' tools, this Office Staff / Customers Interaction Program takes place either over several video sessions set once a week or twice a month, or on-site in direct interaction with your teams. 


The length of the program is fitted according to the needs pre-defined with the client. I


First and most important, this program allows participants to understand how they, their colleagues & people from outside the organization function and how best to manage the interaction .

An integration phase on several months after the workshop is highly recommended.

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