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“Having contacted Sylvie for mentoring and coaching through recommendation, it was the best decision l made. 


After many years in commercial aviation l decided to transition to the private jet industry and felt l would benefit from being accompanied in my journey and to be better prepared for this new challenge and to achieve my goal.


Sylvie is incredibly knowledgeable and is unquestionably a respected expert in the private aviation industry. 


Sylvie was everything l could have hoped for as a coach and mentor - patient, gentle with an impressive and inspiring know-how, she has been an asset in my quest for learning on this transitional journey.  She recognised my strengths, and supported me in my personal development hitting all the right notes in terms of accuracy and fine-tuning. Throughout the sessions it has been abundantly clear to me that her planning and execution of our sessions were formidable in providing me with the feedback in my areas for improvement. 


Sylvie’s enthusiasm is contagious and after our sessions l always felt full of positivity.


Some people have a gift to connect with others whilst others can go beyond that - Sylvie has this gift in abundance, I feel blessed and privileged to have worked with her”.

Jean-François C.


Thank you in the most wonderful way for all the generosity, but above all the dedication that you have put into this training in such a short time, to give us so many beautiful things. And above all these experiences shared, frankly congratulations.

Youssouf C.


I think it is important to thank you for welcoming us to your company and accompanying us to this point. Thank you to Sylvie, Christelle, and all the staff of Jet Pearls who have done everything possible to ensure that our internship took place in the best possible conditions.


During these 2 months, we had the opportunity to be well associated with our work and to acquire new knowledge and skills. These will be invaluable for our future career. Thus, the time, attention and interest that you have shown us have not been wasted. They have given us the desire to persevere in this profession for which you have given us the greatest respect. We now have experience that gives us the means to improve, because in this profession we are never allowed to stagnate. 


With all my gratitude,

Bassirou F.


It was a real pleasure to answer these questions guided by Sylvie Moisan very renowned in this industry, a true mentor and overall a person like no other. 

Very few people have the talent and the humility that Sylvie has and I highly recommend her hypno-coaching sessions 

Thank you for giving me a real introspection on my career up to now.

Jessica M.


Sylvie assisted me in redefining my professional goals and positioning, writing a proper and attractive LinkedIn page and a revised CV. I am thankful for her wise advice, which showed mature insight, high sensitivity and depth of understanding of who I really am and what I want to do next. I was surprised to see how much her assistance went outside of the usual clichés and cookie-cutter recommendations to those looking to write a forward-looking CV and LinkedIn page. A superb job, really.

Octavio A.

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